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    Emachines problem


    by marcato15 ·

    I have a emachines that i just restored it using the included restore cd a couple months ago. I have Microsoft office and macromedia studio on it, the only programs. for some reason though it will freeze up and if i press ctrl alt del it will bring up the task mananger, and everything is running so i click exit out of it and everythin works. also it just started within the past week to reboot at random. i already turned off the auto restart.

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      by chris910 ·

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      Run windows update and at least install all of the critical updates if you have not already done so.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      my guess would me malware infection. download, update and run ad-aware se personal (free) from
      after it is installed and updated, disconnect the internet, reboot in safe mode and run ad-aware. run it over and over until no spyware is found. connect to the internet, reboot your computer and run ad-aware yet again. post if you have any residual spyware that ad-aware can’t get out. such as vx2

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      by scottie71658 ·

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      Power supplies can also cause program errors and random restarts. Check the watts on your power supply. When you start those programs, the processor really kicks in and requires more power.

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