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By sescobar ·
What would cause me to receive an email from another staff member (from their email address), with a note "see attached file."? The other staff member DID NOT send this message. This is is sure sign of virus activity, but I don't know how they got our email addresses?? Can you help. This is probably a very dumb question.

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by TheChas In reply to Email

Most likely, the message originated on a computer that has both of your e-mail addresses.

With many of the viruses, they select an e-mail address from the address book on the infected computer and make it look like the e-mail came from a different computer.

The infected computer could be ANY other PC on your network, or any vendor, friend, or customer that would have your e-mail address in their address book.

Other than making sure that a friend or associate does not have an infected computer, I no longer worry about trying to figure out where a virus infected e-mail came from.


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by Oldefar In reply to Email

A number of email viruses will use the address books on an infected PC to spread. They spoof the from address to one of the email addresses found and send out to others.

If you ever communicated via email with anyone outside of your domain, then your email address is probably on that person's PC.

Check the headers (view Options in Outlook, full headers in other applications) to see the IP the message came from. ARIN is a good source for finding out who owns the range that IP falls into.

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by wlbowers In reply to Email

Several virus will use a Spoof "from" address that it selects from the infected machine's email, address book, or text files.

So someone that has your address and his address on their machine is infected and sending out spoof emails.


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