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I have a computer network at home, two PC's running Win98 and two PC's running WinXP. I would like to set up one of my old pc's running win98 to connect to my DSL and be able to read my email from any PC on my network...


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by TheChas In reply to Email

If you are using Outlook or a similar mail client, this can be done.

It CANNOT be done with Outlook Express!

Further, setting this up would open a very large security hole on your network.

First, you need to enable file and printer sharing on the other PCs.

Then, you need to create a shared folder on each, and store the mail files there.
(This is where the security issue comes in. If anyone hacks into your network, they would have access to ALL PCs through the shared folders.)

What I do for sharing e-mails among several PCs is:
I set the mail options on all but 1 PC to leave the messages on the server.

On the master storage PC, I set the options to delete mail from the server when retrieved.

I download my mail on the other PCs as needed, and once every day or so, I download the mail onto the storage PC AFTER the mail has been downloaded on the other PCs.


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