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Does anyone know how to contact customer support? I can't seem to find a specific link t do just that. I accidentally deleted the email TechRepublic sent me with the link to download the PDF version of the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, by Keir Thomas. Please help! Thanks to anyone who may be able to help!

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Some Tips

by w2ktechman In reply to Email

The guide is here

I used the search tool for "Search Forums" "In Forums" for keywords "Ubuntu guide"

Although the search tool isnt the best, it does work often

As for email links, let me check around a bit, I thought all of this was at the bottom of every TR page

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by w2ktechman In reply to Email

on the bottom of all TR pages is a "Site Help and Feedback"
Click on this and you can find a contact TR support link.

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how to contact customer support

by maximgamble In reply to Email

There are several ways to contact Customer Support:

Send mail correspondence to the following address:
1630 Lyndon Farm Court
Louisville, KY 40223
Fax us at 1-502-992-8001
Submit your inquiry via our Submit a Question tab above
Call us toll free at (800) 217-4339 or direct at (845) 457-5082. Our regular Customer Support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST. Closed on U.S. Holidays

Please note that our phone support line addresses product order inquiries and TechRepublic Pro subscription inquiries only. It is not designed to assist with general site inquiries or help desk support. If you're issue is not specific to your TechRepublic Pro subscription or an inquiry about a paid product or order, you must submit your inquiry via our Web form by clicking on the Submit a Question tab above.

We ask that you first search our FAQ knowledge-base feature, using key words associated with your inquiry, as this will provide you with the fastest assistance in answering your question.

If you find that our knowledge-base does not address your question or issue, you may submit your inquiry via our Submit a Question Web form. To avoid delays in responding to your inquiry, we request that you pay special attention to the product and topic you select for submitting your email to ensure it matches as close as possible.

Upon submitting a question, we ask that you please provide as much detail as possible related to your inquiry. Including, but not limited to:

Your current and prior email addresses
URL's to articles, downloads and error pages you may experience
Your operating system and browser, and version used
Order number or subscription ID
Details of steps taken, actions experienced, and error messages received (send URL of any error page received)
People you have communicated with and dates/information given

This will help customer support research your inquiry and assist you much faster, having all the information we need up front. Thank you.

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A response to a post over two years old.

by Ron K. In reply to how to contact customer s ...

Pretty comprehensive too but you could've just pointed to the 'Site and Feedback' link at the bottom of every page to a post a bit newer.
I'm complaining today. It's my hobby.

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I'm dabbling

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to A response to a post over ...

in complaining as a hobby. So far, it seems mildly therapeutic.

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It's easier if you don't really take it to heart.

by Ron K. In reply to I'm dabbling

That's been my experience. Leave the baseball bat in the corner. Don't harm your equipment.

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No complaints here

by santeewelding In reply to A response to a post over ...

At the moment, anyway.

Just now treated to the takeoff singly and in pairs of 15 antique biplanes with throaty engines, mostly yellow and other gaudy colors, a white one, and a dark, almost black one.

They're going somewhere. Maybe a raid.


Make that, 16. A straggler.

Unless I'm mistaken, Ron, they are headed in your direction.

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We have our own air force, about two miles away.

by Ron K. In reply to No complaints here

It's a fly-in subdivision.<br>

They also have some big, tin-covered tri-engined thing. Maybe a Ford Tri-motor. It looks like if it flew, parts falling off of it would be a hazard to other aircraft. That'd likely be their air defense tactic.<br>
It is kind of decent here though. We get free air shows every summer. They'll fly low over us wagging their tails. Neighbors.

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That is an interesting way to do chaff.

by seanferd In reply to We have our own air force ...

Just shed bits of fuselage.

A Ford Tri-Motor - really? Wow. Not too many of those around any more. Very cool.

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In the olden days

by santeewelding In reply to That is an interesting wa ...

I think that's about how it started. One day a spotter pilot dropped a frozen chicken on a spotter pilot for the other side.

Pissed, he packed a 45 next time he went up.

The step from that to a machine gun timed to fire through the prop...

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