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Email access problems (Remote User)

By dkstanford ·
Describe the questions I should ask and the steps I should articulate to help a remote user who was unable to gain access to their email?
MS Outlook in Windows 2000 environment.

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by SonicClang In reply to Email access problems (Re ...

Are they on a different ISP than your server? The user's incoming mail should be his ISP's address. Outgoing would be the server name.

Exactly what do you have working and do you not have working at this point?

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by dkstanford In reply to

That's what I need to find out. What do I ask the user to check to find out where the problem lies?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Email access problems (Re ...

ok, i'll bite.
what email? internet email? intraoffice email?
what if any error message(s)
describe what happens (what are the steps to reproduce_
when did this last work
what (do you think) changed?
what is your email address?
did you get my test message i just sent?
assuming they are pop3 client to myisp mail server.
can they browse the internet when it happens?
if no browse, find out why. another set of questions.
if yes browse, ask
'who is your isp?' (see if matches email address)
have you called them about this, what did they say
can you ping your email server? (locate info on myisp website)

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by dmiles In reply to Email access problems (Re ...

1)What happens when accessing email?
2)What type of error,when trying to access server?
3)was the system configuration setup,by the IT department,before leaving the office.
4)does user have permissions to gain access to server,and permission to access around firewall

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by georgeminton In reply to Email access problems (Re ...

First question:
Can you connect to the network?
If no, do you have VPN installed or some form of communication software? (set up by network support preferably)
What is required to connect to the network?
What is required to email?
Is this a company computer or your home computer?
If it is a home computer how is she trying to connect to her email? Via web mail or through Outlook. If they are not connected to the corporate network Outlook will not work because it has to have access to the Exchange server behind the firewall hopefully. If it is via web mail make sure they are typing the url exactly as it should be typed. Have someone in network support create a url shortcut on her desktop so all they have to do is click on the shortcut to get to the web mail. This will depend on if web mail is set up. Hope this helps.

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by dkstanford In reply to

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by dkstanford In reply to Email access problems (Re ...

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