email access repot as pdf

By mmendieta ·
Hi, I have an access report that I would like to automatically sent it via email as a PDF attachment using VB. Please help!!

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Do you have Acrobat Distiller?

by Maevinn In reply to email access repot as pdf

If so, you can easily print the report through the distiller into a pdf. If not, there are a number of online options to create the file as a pdf--you'll need to print it to an snp file first.

Access, on it's own, can't generate output as a pdf. VB won't generate it up.

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you should

by Dr Dij In reply to email access repot as pdf

be able to generate a .pdf from access if you have acrobat installed (acrobat, NOT acrobat reader). you can print a report using vb to a printer, so you select the .pdf as the printer in vb. there are also shareware vsns of pdf generators also (see

we use the one for unix. and have end users able to send ANY system report to themselves or someone else. pdf simply shows up as another printer they could select. if selected it asks them their email address, defaulting to their login username

I use commail.exe to email attachments. freeware in vsn 1.3, later vsn shareware; site is down now but you can find it still. probably some built in method tho.

I also use it because it works as dos command line also so can use it from batch files and non-vb also. and is only 166k or so.

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You actually do not need Acrobat to print to PDF

by NI70 In reply to email access repot as pdf

Use this free program PDFCreator Nifty and free! I think the latest version will incorporate itself in Office products, but I'm not too sure though.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to email access repot as pdf

Download and install PRIMO PDF from (it?s free) and this will install a printer named PRIMO PDF. So you can chose this printer and the output will be a PDF file.

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