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    Email Access


    by jim.reed ·

    I have a Linux 9.X web server and have set up email on it. I can use the server console to receive and send email. However, I am unable to access the email from remote locations. I use Outlook Express and have all the settings correct. Each time I attempt to connect to the web server email Outlook Express responds that it cannot find the Server. Also I can upload and download documents using “SSH”. Any suggestions. Help! Thanks in advance.

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      by briandesu ·

      In reply to Email Access

      If you only ran the rpm, used the “service” wrapper, and possibly checkconfig, then you will only be able to access mail locally.

      With most *nix variants, you have to explicitly enable mail relay.

      For Postfix, you have to add the ip address range of your NIC to the inet_interfaces directive in /etc/postfix/

      For Sendmail, you have to remove a dnl entry from the sendmail configuration file. The name of the file escapes me at this time, but a google search for “enable relay sendmail” should help.

      To prevent SPAM, you should limit your mail relay. Either google or RTFM on that one.



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