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By jeremyn918 ·
my girlfriend is having an affair with a married man at work, she doesnt know I know! I found out through her email,I have the email address of the man but dont know who he is , could someone please tell me how I can find out through his email address!theres nothing I can do BUT I WOULD LIKE TO TELL THIS MANS WIFE BECAUSE HE HAS TWO CHILDREN AND IT MAKES ME SICK TO SEE THAT DONE TO A FAMILY!

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Give it up

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to email address

This is the Real World not some fantasy land where we always get even.

Take your story to the media and if you haven't broken any laws you just might get what you want but the people here are not Gossips or Hackers we are all IT Professionals who don't deal in trash like this.


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Type of Address

by TheChas In reply to email address

While I agree whole-heartedly with what Hal stated, you may have some options.

If this is the persons work email address, his use of the email system for personal matters might be a violation of the companies email and Internet usage policies.
But, getting him into trouble at work is not going to help anyone in this triangle.

If it is a private or web based email account, you would have to show cause that the account is being used to break the law, and work with the local police to get a search warrant.

As a side thought, keep in mind that the affair with your girl friend may not be this guy's first or last affair. It's even possible that his wife knows that he partakes in "extra-curricular" activities, and has no interest in the specifics.

I suggest that you limit your involvement to an open and frank discussion of the situation with your girl friend.


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Don't believe you

by jdclyde In reply to email address

Sure, you may be pissed off, but it has nothing to do with your false claim of outrage over this mans family.

Get rid of the girlfriend, and send loverboy an email letting him know she is all his and cut your losses.

As a very wise man said to me when I went through my divorce, "The best revenge you can get is to live a better life without them than you did with them".

Just be thankful that you found out she is a tramp BEFORE you married her. Kick her a$$ to the curb.

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Been there

by TonytheTiger In reply to email address

except it was my wife of 18 years. I'd like to offer some advice (though I'm pretty sure you won't take it because I didn't when it was offerred to me). Walk away! Don't spend another minute trying to find ways to impose yourself on someone who obviously doesn't care enough about you to not do what she's doing. Treat yourself better than she's treating you.

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