Email Address Autosave not working for Outlook 2007

By aimeelyn17 ·
I'm using Outlook 2007 and recently my outgoing email addresses are not autosaving. They will autosave for a week and then they disappear. I need to have access to these people without looking up 40 email addresses a day in our database.

How do I get them back, or prevent this from happening in the future???

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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You may have a corrupt file

by IC-IT In reply to Email Address Autosave no ...

Rename it and allow Outlook to build a new one. here is how to find it.
(After thought, you may want to run Chkdsk /r first. This may recover it if it was in a bad sector).

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Your Nickname Cache File is corrupt

by epr0210 In reply to Email Address Autosave no ...

- Shutdown Outlook
- search for files ending in *.NK2.
- Rename it to something.
- Close explorer
- restart Outlook

You can't recover the old nicknames, but you will now be saving them as before

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Check your settings

by Razor1185 In reply to Your Nickname Cache File ...

I've seen this happen before when a colleague
was going through the same problem. If the
previous solutions didn't fix it, try this:

-Open Outlook.
-Tools > Options.
-Click 'Email Options'.
-Click 'Advanced Email Options'.
-Make sure that there is a tick box next to
'Suggest names while completing the To, Cc &
Bcc fields'.

Outlook 2007 can be a strange one at times.

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Thank you

by aimeelyn17 In reply to Email Address Autosave no ...

I will try renaming the corrupt file. Thank you all for your prompt responses!! I appreciate it!

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