Email addresses from Recieved email

By rbergthold64 ·
Is there anyway to easily export the email addresses from the TO or CC fields from an incoming email (say I recieved a new email sent to 100 other people) into Outlook contacts or maybe .csv format.

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email address always show

by Dr Dij In reply to Email addresses from Reci ...

if TO you or CC you.

however if BCC to you then they don't.

even with header shown, I don't htink there's a way to see who it was sent to. This to me is a flaw in email protocol, as I sometimes get spam addressed this way and want to see which disposable address it came in on.

Happily with disposable email addresses, mostly they automatically go to a folder without filters so I know anyway, tho sometimes I have several goto one folder.

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Have you tired

by Nimmo In reply to Email addresses from Reci ...

Do a replace on the ";" character with "," then save it as a .csv.

Open the .csv in Excel so you can confirm that the addresses have been separated properly.

Import the .csv into Outlook using the import/export wizard.

In regards to the above post which seems to be a bit off topic, all you need to do is to look at the header and track back where the email came from, everything you need to know is in the "full" headers.

Also the whole idea of the BCC field is to hide addresses from recipients.

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