Email and Exchanger Server 2003

By jdalske ·
I have a question similar to one posted in August 2006:
We have a small network (13 users) and are in the process of linking our two sites with a VPN. Currently all users have a POP3 email account that runs through our ISP. At one location we have everyone set up to ask shared files on teh server. The question is with the limited supply of computers I set up Outlook to have the Exchange Server email accounts only for incoming not outgoing, why this wrong? We like the ability to check mail at any computer but it has caused problems when sending mail. I told Outlook not to use it for outgoing, but when one selects FW it defaults to the exchange and since we are not technically using Exchange it sits on the server and becomes undeliverable.
I don't believe that we will be hosting our own email (just like the gentleman in August wasn't) because someone else actually host our domain??? My question is this:
I want to use the shared calendars, cached emails features of Outlook, but how do I get around not sending emails through it?
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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by CG IT In reply to Email and Exchanger Serve ...

you either use Outlook and Exchange or you use Outlook and no Exchange or you use multiple email programs you specify via control panel/mail.

Or you use the public mail system like yahoo or one your ISP provides.

The O/S determines the mail program in the mail icon in control panel for desktop computers. You can create profiles, have more than one mail program etc . IE is a little different. In tools/internet options/programs you can only choose 1 mail program from the dropdown menu.

Try creating multiple mail profiles via the mail icon in the control panel and then change the default to use whatever program you used to setup mail like outlook to prompt for a profile.

Just a suggestion. Don't know if that will do what you want.

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Thanks checking out those settings

by jdalske In reply to hummm...

Yes you hit it on the head when we just want to use Outlook to read our ISP mail. The reason I did set up the mail accounts under exchange server is so that we could used chached mail and calendar. Unfortunately when I select our ISP mail account as the default when some of our staff hit fwd: it ends up choosing the exchange server (not really an option for outgoing mail because I deselected that), then it gets hung up on the server. Thanks for suggesting because I will go back and look at the settings to make sure. Is there anything on exchange I have to do specifically to set up as mail server--any easy to read books. I have one but not so easy--I like pictures to verify that what I am doing is what I am supposed to do! :)
You have been most helpful sorry for the additional questions.

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