Email app for DRIOD

By jimmy-jam ·
Hello fellow DRIOD users. I was wondering if any of you could recommend and email app for DROID I can use for my Yahoo Mail. There is the current default program and it's ok but it does not sort out spam, I can't have it delete mail off the server if I delete it on my phone and if I do log into Yahoo and clean out my mail box it reads all the old email as new and I have to purposefully go into my inbox and remark them as read. Annoying at best.

I have perused the Marketplace but I am very leary of any app that I will need to provide one of my personal username and passwords too. I want to make sure that I am not only getting a well designed functional app but I also want to make sure I am not handing over my email credentials to a random developer who will use them in an attempt to take over the world... or spam my contacts.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I don't care if its a free app or I have to pay for it, I just want it to work better than the stock email program on my DROID.


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You want an actual email Client.

by seanferd In reply to Email app for DRIOD

I.e., not a web-app hosted on some random server owned by who-the-****-knows.

How about

I'm not a Droid or mobile/smart phone user, so I don't have a good way to check on these things - but any app phoning home with your credentials without your consent needs to be protested loudly. But I can't see any app-vendor server fitting into this equation. Should just be between you and your
email server.

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Totally digging it so far

by jimmy-jam In reply to You want an actual email ...
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by seanferd In reply to Totally digging it so far
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I've been

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Email app for DRIOD

using the browser, via wireless (which doesn't count against my data plan) and just logging into my accounts.

I'll be interested to know if you find one you like.

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So far...

by jimmy-jam In reply to I've been

The one Seanferd pointed me to is doing everything that I was asking of the bundled one. I have not yet found anything about it I do not like.

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