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email archiving storage methods

By Starbury ·
Lately i have been running into a few users who archive a boat load of emails. these emails often contains jpeg attachments as well as others. The problem is that their pst fles grow rapidly and before you know it they become corrupt. Our company currently consists of about 70 users. My question is: how can i address the issue of pst files growing extremely large (thus becoming unstable)? Ideally i would like to identify potentially problematic pst files before they become corrupt. I am also curious to know how other IT administrators are handling this job...

Thank You.

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email archiving storage methods

by wtdrisco In reply to email archiving storage m ...

Starbury, I am fight the same battle as everyone else. I think that this just comes down to the following:

You just manage the email exchange server and its content (hopefully setting size limits) and the users that want to save every email the got since starting to work there, are on their own with PST files.

I have looked into MANY solutions to even archiving emails out of the exchange store, but still accessible through Outlook. What I concluded was that IF I offered any method to retain email, then they will retain every email. Soon after the mess around with 10 PST files, they will understand that this is way to much garbage to keep and will eventually never open the PST files again. But the great thing is that they are not clogging up the Exchange Store like they have done to me.

Alternatives can be to PRINT out important "work related" email and store in certain file folders. Attachments that are "work related" must be stored on the servers where appropriate or on the local computer harddrive. That is something I am enforcing. (there are software that will remove attachments automatically based on rules).

IT Managers need to redirect responsibility back onto the end users where appropriate, unless the company is required to archive and monitor all email (regulations) and maintain certain amounts of email for "legal purposes".

Trying to manage everyone else's garbage is a waste of your valuable time and abilities. Get them to manage it like they manage thier check book or their garage

I hope it goes well!


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