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Email Archiving with Mimecast

By d-addy4488 ·

I am considering mimecast as a solution for email archiving within the business and I was wondering what (if any) experience people had with these?

I have heard very good things, but not so good things about their anti-virus cover (apparently they use only freeware anti-virus apps?)

Can anybody offer any advice?


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Mimecast's anti-virus

by BarryGill In reply to Email Archiving with Mime ...

Hello Tommy.
(Caveat - I work for Mimecast)

It is true that about 5 years ago Mimecast used only one open source AV engine.
This changed as threats changed and for the past 4 years we have been running a multi-layered threat management system.

We now have a seven layer approach to email security including only one open source tool.
Each of the commercial and proprietary systems we have in use are selected for a particular strength to ensure that we have not only depth of security, but also a breadth of threat coverage that is unsurpassed.

Please contact our offices, details at and they will be able to answer this in much greater detail.

I hope this helps.


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by d-addy4488 In reply to Mimecast's anti-virus

Thanks for the info Barry.
Thats pretty much what I thought, but it's always nice to have those concerns put to one side.
I've got most of the technical datasheets/white papers and they concur with you, but that was niggling.

We're likely to get Mimecast in soon and so it's kind of already in progress

thanks again for the info

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Re: Mimecast against the competition

by ColinBall In reply to Understood

Hi, I've read this thread with interest and agree that Mimecast offer a fairly good service that has come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and that absolutly they should be considered a contender. Having worked for a number of competitors and now set up my own independant IT reseller I would urge you to look at another vendor, Webroot if for no other reason to validate that you are making the right decision.

On a couple of occasions I have had customers of mine compare Mimecast and Webroot, particularly when moving away from Websense of Message Labs (Both Mimecast and Webroot have clear advantages over these guys) and the majority of customers that look at both, in my experiance, have chosen Webroot, Longer track record, faster more intuitive service with bettter global coverage, making money not losing it, A much larger customer base, and a faster more intuitive service that offers all the same functionaility as Mimecast and more. Webroot also offer a Web filtering service so if further down the line this is something you are likely to be considering it makes sense to take it from the same vendor and leverage your existing investment whilst at the same time getting the best technology currently out there.

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by DKemailnews In reply to Re: Mimecast against the ...

Thanks for your honest and unbiased views Colin. Is Mimecast eating your lunch too? You're right up there with Preserv8 :)

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by ColinBall In reply to Heartfelt

I think its fairly obvious from my post that i personally have had more success with the Webroot solution, Unlike the other poster I added no contact details and haven't touted for any business and merley urged the poster to consider both solutions and go for what they prefered, whilst also acknowledging that the Mimecast service is a good service and better than both MessageLabs and Websense. Surely its a sensible approach from an end user perpective to look at a number of vendors that compete in the same space and weigh up the pros and cons of what suits you best.

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Consider Preserv8's Unified Email Communication Platform

by lawriejanes In reply to Email Archiving with Mime ...

Hi Tommy

Before you make your final decision I would recommend that you consider Preserv8 as a solution for cloud based unified email management. Preserv8's solution whilst similar to Mimecasts is the only microsoft ISV certified solution, has a simple cost profile and so far eveybody that I have demonstrated the product to has told me that it is a better solution than the other products in the marketplace.

Please feel free to give me a quick call on +44 7733 111135 or mail me on and I will send you detailed documentation.

Lawrence Janes

Cherry Tree Solutions are a European Reseller of Preserv8

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