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Email attachments What's your opinion

By rgun2515 ·
What's the Largest attachment you would include in an email. What limits does your company or your ISP enforce? What are the technical reasons for limiting the size of an email attachment?What do you feel is proper etiquette?

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It varies case by case

by TomSal In reply to Email attachments What's ...

In our business model, our company sends a lot of documents back and forth to vendors all over the US, Canada, even Puerto Rico in some cases. Job sizes vary some jobs we're only get literally $20 profit out of it and its a very small job. Other jobs can bring us tens of thousands of dollars pure profit for a single job.

So to not clog our bandwidth sending out huge attachments we have a little system that all our reps are trained and educated to go by...

1) If the vendor has a fax machine the documents go out through our fax server (uses a different T from out Internet)

2) If the job is small dollar, non-emergency and the vendor has no fax. The rep is allowed to email an attachment of no more than 5 megs per email or they can snail may the documents if the vendor has no email address either.

3) For emergency or high profit jobs...we allow 10 megs per email. All our major vendors have email and many have fax too. Some vendors request us to send to fax, if that's the case then we comply with their request.

And as a general rule of thumb: I tell folks to never go over 10 megs per email.

Everything is scanned for virus' of course before sending and we only deal with certain file formats, if a vendor emails us a format we don't approve -- we ask to have it sent in a format we do approve, else fax or snail mail it. Finally we use Winzip to compress all attachments before sending.

All this stuff seems to work well to keep things "fair", bandwidth maintained and stuff organized.

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Regarding attachments - remember it's eMAIL not eFTP...

by mrafrohead In reply to Email attachments What's ...

email isn't designed for file transfers. small files like docs and the like are fine, but you really should stay away from anything over 5M if you can.

It bogs down your servers and takes up way too much space.

If you are concerned about file transfers, you really should check into FTP (File Transfer Protocol). That's what it was designed for, to transfer files.

Re: proper etiquette.

I wouldn't allow files over 5M. I wouldn't allow ANYTHING that can be remotely executed, or any kind of executable file. Scan for A/V and turn off the auto-response should a virus be found. That just adds to traffic unnecessarily and is damn near as bad as spam.

Watch for certain titles also.

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