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Email Been Read?

By BorgInva ·
Using Outlook 2003 I have the ability to not send "read" receipts to people who request them. Of course, that works two ways. I send emails to people that I need to know are read, but they also block that ability.
I heard of a plugin that will allow you to receive a "read" receipt reguardless.
Anyone know of that plugin?

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by samthetrue In reply to Email Been Read?

i have heard of this plugin but i dont know how well it
works... i would think that all the plugin does is tell the
computer to send the email read thing... basicly undo
the person clicking dont send email read message...
but it would be on their computer you would need to do
the plugin probably and if you where already on there
computer then you probably can tell there computer just
to send by going into the setings
but if you can get then to open a attatchment i can give
you a program that will go into the setings of a
computer and click send or have then send you a email
saying this message has been read... (the same
program can be used to record passwords and send
them to you so many virus protection programs block it)
but you deside what it does.. i dont remember the name
of it and im not at my home computer where i can get
the name so send me a message if this inrests you and
i can get the name and website of the software to you...
but back to the plugin its probably gonna be hard to get
one that changes the settings of another users
computer but probably not imposable so if somone
knows where to get one put it here

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by jdgretz In reply to Email Been Read?

There is a site that may be what you are looking for.

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by G... In reply to Email Been Read?

jdgretz found an interesting one but, if I'm not mistaken, this will tell you when someone "downloads" the mail, not when he read it. It's checking if the mails are sent to the pop3 client or, if it's a web client, when the user logs in.
But yet again, I can be mistaken AND there's a good chance that people read their mail when they start outlook or log on a mail server...

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