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    Email blasting


    by vuiyeechin ·

    My marketing department is doing some email blasting last week sending out 20K email.

    Received a call from my email hosting company say we cant do that as it will cause his IP address black listed.

    Why those paid service is able to do and we are not able to do it ourself ?

    why our IP will get black list as spam and those paid service wont ?

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      by vuiyeechin ·

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      Quite Simple really

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Email blasting

      Your ISP doesn’t support Spammers and takes steps to prevent Spamming.

      The Paid Services either have an Arrangement with their ISP or are a ISP themselves and as such set their own rules.

      I’m sure if you make a deal with your ISP they will not Black List you but it’s certainly going to cost you as a company much more. 😉


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      Sounds fishy . . .

      by who am i really ·

      In reply to Email blasting

      “My marketing department . . .”

      that statement smells of spam

      the only way to do it is with an “Opt-in” mailing list through a proper channel

      any marketing emails that are sent to recipients who are not subscribed or “Opted In”
      is Spam

      Pay for a “mailing” service such as Aweber to distribute your marketing to “Opt-in” recipients only
      or you will likely get black listed while attempting to do the mailing yourself,
      ISPs generally frown upon spammers and may even cancel your connection / service if you persist

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      by topherkris_6 ·

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      you really need to google that

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