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By seanb ·
Neat post - good idea about the tip to post to yourself once in a while to review content and form before submitting to general public.
1) Hesitate before you respond to CC
For the rabid cc responder ? responder please remember that it is better for the world to think that you are a fool than to jab the reply to all button and remove all doubt.
I have some pristine archived email that extended for screens with more header info than the actual content of the respondents. Email agony aunts are those who have forwarded the message back and forth that one has to scroll through screens and screens of garbage to get to the actual -issue.

2) Conversation vs Confirmation
Man, I hate emails that have so many forwards and replies posted to you that half of the responders have forgotten what the original email was for. The only useful function for email is confirmation NOT conversation.
If you want to talk to you colleagues walk to their desk - talk to friends use MSN or Skype. Want to exchange documents and files on the LAN use SharePoint; it the BEST extension of MSOffice since WIN98 allowed you to {CTRL C} and {CTRL V} between Word and Excell.
In this day and age when email offers no hierarchy and all have become only an entry in a to TO or CC field.

3) Best is for brevity
All in the email are treaded equal (long live email). But this has it?s downfall too - from CEO to the canteen checkout clerk have become equal so please remember to be concise and proper in the emails. That email offers no tone as ones? voice does ? the way you wrote the message is not how the reader will read it. In the highly strung office (as all IT shops) even the most innocent of remark will misconstrued.

Please, please leave off with the cheesy Smileys (Emoticons). I have asked that our mailsweeper administrator to detect and auto deletes these offensive 2kb wastes of space. Please keep them for Skype (my request was back handed with a flimsy excuse that such a rule has not been written, which I am busy with in my spare time).

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