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"Email Disclaimer, Eye Opener "

By loharkarmv ·
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Managing Email disclaimer is not a topic which will generate immediate interest but definitely generate lengthy unmanageable emails. Daily we receive hundreds of emails and about same number we send or reply back or forward to someone. Every time new email disclaimer text gets added and we end up with email having 40% business contents and a staggering 60% disclaimer text.
I am not sure how many of us really read the disclaimer, it has become more by habit/default to have a disclaimer; does not serve any real purpose. I have yet not heard of any legal issue being resolved OR raised due to existence or non-existence of email disclaimer in the business email.
Question is why have it there in first place, can we do away with it? The answer is probably yes and no; but then we are so used to having it in email, every company’s legal team will object if it is removed, for them it must be there.
So we have a situation where a useless(!) text consuming lager part of business correspondence, which is never read by anyone but probably cannot be removed. If it must be included, then why add about 1K Bytes to each email? Why not put the disclaimer text on company’s website and just include link into the email!!! Every time an email is send/replied or forwarded; only one line, link to website will get added rather than a whole para of 10 lines.
For statistical minded, on an average 4% of company’s internet bandwidth get utilized (or wasted!) just by inclusion of email disclaimer in each and every communication with business partners/customers etc. So if removed or substituted with Link; there is a hidden cost saving opportunity no one ever considered.
So just go ahead, convince your legal team, coordinate with IT team and get disclaimer hosted on company’s website; save some mullah, worth it !!!!

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