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    Email expansion in small business

    by pjwallis ·



    I have a small business that is expanding and now needing 2 people to access emails.

    The problem is the email is accessed by one computer and it uses POP3 and stores massive amounts of old emails which they reference all the time. Something like 30,000 over 15 years. Mostly orders, quotes and correspondence vital to on going operations. Yes it is backed up every day.

    IMAP can’t seem to handle syncing this load of emails.

    What would you recommend in going forward.

    It would be good for both people to see inbox, sent and the saved emails from both computers.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

    Peter Wallis

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      Re: mail

      by kees_b ·

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      Obviously, you need a mail server, either your own (your own server in your own network) or in the cloud (think: Exchange as a service).

      Find a company that can set it up for you, including the migration of your current mails.

      Moreover, consider a clean-up of your collection of old mails. For example, all mails from ex-customers (say, customers that haven’t bought anything since 2019) might be ripe for deletion.

      Maybe, but that’s just maybe, a migration to a full-blown CRM-system would be an option also.

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        Reply To: Email expansion in small business

        by pjwallis ·

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        Hi kees_b,
        Thanks for the comments. I have contacted a company with a cloud offering of Exchange and it will not only fix this issue but help in other ways as well.
        Much appreciated.
        Peter Wallis

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      Re: emails

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Email expansion in small business

      It might be an interesting experiment to feed those 30.000 emails as local data to an AI tool like ChatGPT and see if it help (or even replace) your 1 employee now running the mail service. But that’s somewhat beyond your question and current needs.

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