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Email Filtering - Have People had enough

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I recently received several emails from people that have tried to send communications to people in my company and their emails have been filtered by our rules.

Here is a "sanitized" version of one;

Who the heck are you, and why are you reading our email? If I find out who you are you will find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.
Just what the heck are you the fricking "Administrator" of, anyway? And what gives you the right to read other people's email?
Mind your own business you eaves-dropping piece of poop.

Are people really this dumb? Do they not know the reason that my company has spent so much money to protect it's self? Does anyone else get these or do I just have a group of "special" individuals? Or have people just had enough? Should we as IT professionals open gates and let it all go? Can we even win, users complain if they get to much junk in their mailboxes and they complain if they don't get the right stuff in their mailboxes, now we are contending with outside users complaining too?

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We do not filter email here

by Dumphrey In reply to Email Filtering - Have Pe ...

other then for spam. But, if our environment was much larger, I would insist on it. Email sent from a company system IS subject to all fair use regulations the end user agreed to and signed off on, including the monitoring and censoring (as needed) of email. There are mnay reasons to do this; 1)Offensive content 2) Private/Company Information 3) Harassing content... And I am sure there are 20 more reasons for each of the three I listed.
I would strongly disagree with an ISP filtering/censoring the email I receive at my home account, but work is another matter. At my home account, I am the "administrator" and responsible for the content control. I do not expect the ISP to do more then filter the obvious black-listed spam. At work, there is a network admin (well, me) that handles the management of company property and data, this includes email.
If your employee's are angry, that means the most likely have something to hide. I rarely see honest people worried over filtered email. I would guess most reasonable people would expect it by now.
Maybe a regular reminder of acceptable use and consequence for breaking said policy is in order?

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