Email flagged as Junk/Spam

By pilot80 ·
Most of our email have been flagged as Spam
Hotnail, AOL, and many major corp.
Gmail receives email ok

We have an exchange server,
I have called sbc to setup a PTR record for IP
My server dosnt seem to be an Open Relay

I am running out of ideas. Any suggestions?

Copy of resturned hotmail email:
< #5.5.0 smtp;550 OU-001 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation problems. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. Email/network admins, please visit for email delivery information and support>

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by TheChas In reply to Email flagged as Junk/Spa ...

Start by seeing what the different postmasters have to say about your domain. If you can get them to respond, they should be able to tell you why your domain is being flagged as spam.

Take a close look at your domain name. Can you pick out any "flag" words from a string of letters in the domain name.

How about the pattern of your mailings? Do any of your staff or departments send out emails to large address lists?

If you use email to communicate with clients and customers, or for advertising, how easy is it for someone to opt out? How quickly do you remove names from your address list?

Most flagging comes from 3 main sources:

A hijacked domain or email server.

Mailing patterns or messages that look like spam.

Complaints from recipients.

In the case of the major web-mail providers, if the bulk of their users classify your messages as spam, you get on the global spam list.

The best way to stay off of spam lists is to only send email to those who want to receive it.


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by pilot80 In reply to Investigate

I have tried sending Normal email to hotmail and aol, ad they both return as spam though it works with yahoo and gmail.
No spam like email or flag in our domain name I think.

Also, we are flagged on corp like boeing.

Do you think it is local to us, maybe I did not set up the DNS right?

Or do I need to check into blacklist at this point?

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Have you...

by scott_heath In reply to Email flagged as Junk/Spa ...

Verified you aren't on any blacklists? If your server was unsecured at one point and used as an open relay you could have gotten blacklisted.

Can you verify the reverse lookup is working right? Use to verify it's good.

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Reverse DNS

by pilot80 In reply to Have you...

I have checked Reverse DNS and it shows Is that correct?
We use

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by scott_heath In reply to Reverse DNS

The MX record for is set to and reverse dns show to resolve properly.

I did a spam abuse lookup at on and you are blacklisted on the following lists:


If you go to and do your own search there will be a link next to each failed listing. Many have a request to be delisted link. It might be a long process, but you can get it resolved.

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by pilot80 In reply to Yes

So it isn't normal to be listed on so many list right? So many of those big corporation use those list?
Does hotmail and aol use some of those lists also?
If sending email works for gmail and yahoo, it means it is not local to my server correct?
I want to make sure I have not setup something wrong on my end before blaming others.
I am thinking also about using one of these list on our exchange server as we are getting so much spam, even with the reverse dns on.
Is it a good idea?
Lastly, why would we be on so many list, we are a small company and I am sure our employee do not spam?

Thanks so much for your time Scott


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Don't know

by scott_heath In reply to Wow

Someone reported you at some point, I'm not sure what the criteris is. Different companies use different lists, which explains the inconsistency with rehjected mail.

I can tell you how to log into your SMTP server and attempt to use it as a relay. If it works, then you need to do some tightening. The server could have been open two years ago or something and had gotten blacklisted then.

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by pilot80 In reply to Don't know

Please do, so I have to go to each Blacklist and ask them to remove me?
I will go to
So you dont see anything wrong with my dns right?

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by pilot80 In reply to Don't know

Looks like someone is using our server:
This is one of the result from spamtrap:
Or COuld it be a trojan?

From Wed Nov 07 17:11:57 2007
Delivery-date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 17:11:57 -0500
Received: from [] (
by mail.victim.example with esmtp (Exim 4.63)
(envelope-from <
id 1Ipt7r-0003Dp-Kz; Wed, 07 Nov 2007 17:11:57 -0500
Received: from [] by; Wed, 7 Nov 2007 14:06:14 -0800
From: "Galen Bowers" <>
To: <victim@smtp.example>
Subject: Madeleine McCann's father returns to work
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 14:06:14 -0800
MIME-Version: 1.0
Thread-Index: Aca6Q2T6ABJCCZYSZ52LT09CZU066Y==

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by scott_heath In reply to Hijacked

You are most likely being used as a relay. trojans typically use their source PC as an SMTP server. You can run a SMTP server from any PC that has access to the internet.

Look at your SMTP logs and you should see odd IPs connecting to it. What mail server are you running?

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