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    Email forwarding a security risk?


    by foringmar ·

    I have several mail accounts. One is on an exchange server
    and usually accessed with Outlook, which works poorly and
    is not accessible from outside a certain protected network where it is used.
    I therefore asked for my email to this exchange account to
    be automatically forwarded to my mail account on Google.
    The exchange server administrator agreed, but now he is
    whining that this is a security risk. How on Earth can
    simply forwarding mail messages be a security risk??

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      It’s not the forwarding process, it’s the recipient

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Email forwarding a security risk?

      Google mail isn’t very secure. You may receive an e-mail with proprietary information that winds up being forwarded to your Google account, then accessed by a competitor. Unlikely, but those of us in the business get paid to raise those unlikely issues and take actions to prevent them.

      Ask your admin to investigate Outlook Web Access. It will allow you to access your Exchange account from any computer with web access.

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        This was a side-effect

        by foringmar ·

        In reply to It’s not the forwarding process, it’s the recipient

        In my case it’s very unlikely that there would ever arrive a message with any sort of proprietary information. I don’t handle such material. I asked for the forwarding because I wanted one less email adress to read just in case something has arrived. If it is forwarded I can see that it has arrived and/or read it at home where I don’t have access to the workplace exchange server. I don’t like Outlook at work, because it’s usually not connecting properly and the only support one gets is a bunch of excuses. Actual support is nonexistent, and there is not much I can do about that. So, I feel forced to turn to grey computing in order to be able to do at least something with email. It seems that support is more concerned about making life as difficult as possible, in stead of making things work.

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