email from one domain not delivered

By macnutid ·
We recently set up an exchange 2003 server for a client. Everything seems to be working as expected, except there is one client that can not send email to the exchange server. THe client does not recieve an NDR or any error but the meaasge is not delivered to anyone in the domain. I have had the client send test messages to my personal account and these are recieved just fine. We are not using spam blocking for now until we get this issue fixed. and I have set IMF to 9. Is there any way to find out from the client why the message is not being delevered if an NDR/error is not generated? Any suggestions are welcome.


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by sventek_krishti In reply to email from one domain not ...


Do you have access to the log files at your end, if so you need to check if the e-mail actually hits your mail server and is then filtered or whether the connection is never made.

On certain mail applications you can kill by domain so you need to check that this is not in place.

Also can your guy at your end provide any logs to show that he is actually hitting your smtp server, if he is on a static ip address that would help you track a lot quicker.

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by NetGeek84 In reply to email from one domain not ...

A couple of other things you might want to try. If your client who is not recieving an NDR could check the queue within Microsoft Exchange and see if your domain populates in there. That will sometimes let you know that the 2 mail servers are having trouble communicating.
You can also try Message Tracker a feature in Exchange 2K3 that allows you to see what happens to a message before it leaves your server, this might give you some more information.
Hope you Figure it out.

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SMTP Filter

by matt In reply to email from one domain not ...

I would check to make sure that you don't have some type of an SMTP filter blocking it. (i.e. ISA Server)
I have run into problems because ISA Server's default settings in its SMTP filter are too restrictive. I've had emails blocked because NOOP commands were longer that six bytes. If your client uses ISA Server, try disabling the SMTP filter and test.

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Check Blacklist sites

by mselinger In reply to SMTP Filter

Check both your domains against any RBL blacklist sites. Ours was listed on one at one time and we couldn't send to a couple companies that used blacklist filtering. Go here for a free check:

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