Email Headers not Printing - Intermittently

By Almost a Guru ·

The problem we are having is one of our users (IT Manager) is having problems printing out the headers from his emails.

Most of the time they print fine, but the odd email just prints the body of the message without his Name at the top or the From, Sent, To, or Subject fields.

We have deleted his profile from the pc and repopulated it from the server, uninstalled Outlook 2K and installed both Outlook 2K2 & 2K3, swapped his pc and reimaged his entire system, fiddled with the mail format settings etc etc. nothing seems to have worked.

If anyone knows of a solution, this would be much appreciated.

Operating System: XP Pro 2002 SP2
Outlook 2000 SP3
Windows server 2003 Standard Edition

no special software

Thanks in advance


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any luck?

by WWRPP In reply to Email Headers not Printin ...

have you had any luck fixing this issue yet? as i am having the same problems & cannot get any help anywhere.


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by Enfilade In reply to Email Headers not Printin ...

Just struck the same problem, but only after rolling out IE7 everywhere. Lucky only 1 user so far .. but still annoying. Cant find any fixes.

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Definitely IE7

by WWRPP In reply to Grrrr

i have finally found reasons (but no fixes). if you go to the Microsoft public discussions - it is riddled with people all having the same problems & all since installing IE7.
the only known fix is to uninstall IE7 & reinstall IE6

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IE7 could be it

by lgwhitlock In reply to Definitely IE7

I had a machine that was working great with IE7, then one day it refused to print from IE or Outlook. I tried many ways to fix it, but in the end the only real fix was to uninstall it and run a program called IEFix ( which restored everything to a working state. Good luck.

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by dlcrosier In reply to Email Headers not Printin ...

We have determined that it is isolated to only HTML messages. If you select more than one message at a time and print them together then the headers will print.

Dawn Crosier
Microsoft Word MVP
"Education Lasts a Lifetime"

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Another workaround

by Aakash Shah In reply to Workaround

Move the email to the junk email folder and then print it from there. However, this will remove any HTML content in it.

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Thanks but no luck

by WWRPP In reply to Workaround

thanks for your reply - but this makes no difference. once a particular message has been corrupted - that's it.

The only way i have found to fix is to convert to plain text - save - convert back to HTML - edit - save - print.

this seems to work but sometimes you need to do a few times before it likes it - this is very temperamental problem...

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Report this to Microsoft

by dlcrosier In reply to Email Headers not Printin ...

I reported this problem to them yesterday. There is a known bug - but since only three people have reported it, it's not very high on the priority list.

Call it in - its an Internet Explorer 7 issue and is also affecting Outlook Express.

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by WWRPP In reply to Report this to Microsoft

can you tell me how do you report this (excuse my ignorance)


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Quick workround

by p.middleton In reply to REPORT HOW?

I have the same problem with 70+ users outlook 03 and ie7.

When printing an email choose page setup select memo style and set the top and bottom margins to zero. You should only have to do once on each pc.

This worked for us

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