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email IDs from Outlook E 5 using asp

By sskumar ·

Could anybody help me to get a solution as to how to read email ids stored in outlook express 5 using asp langauge. I need this for a client of mine.

Thanks in advance,



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email IDs from Outlook E 5 using asp

by ncseric In reply to email IDs from Outlook E ...

Since ASP is a server-based technology, it has no way of reading information from the user's machine.

The only way you might be able to do it is to create an ActiveX component that the user would install on their local machine. You could then use the component to provide information about the local computer to your web page. However, any user with any sense will wonder why you are installing this component and probably not install it.

What task are you trying to accomplish? There might be an easier way to solve the problem if you provide a little more information about the task at hand.

- Eric

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by sskumar In reply to email IDs from Outlook E ...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the info. What I wanted to do was that a client of mine has a machine with outlook express 5 installed. He has several addresses stored in it. He wants to send mail using the addresses from his outlook express which comes to around a 100 email ids. He asked me whether I could develop an asp based program that he can run from his website which will take email ids from his outlook express address book and send mails to his customers. It is a sort of mass mailing using the addresses from outlook express address book.

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