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    Email ignorance


    by tink! ·

    I received an email just the other day that was directed to [b]AT LEAST[/b] 50 recipients…and they were ALL visible!

    Now I could possibly see this in a small company like the one I work for where we don’t have a formal IT department or training. (Although I [b]have[/b] advised all 6 of us in the office 😀 to not put everyone in the CC or TO field)

    But knowing this came from a large company – am I wrong to think that their IT dept should have briefed employees on proper email usage? I would think one of their suppliers or customers would have complained by now, prompting the IT dept to at least send out an e-memo. But I must say that in my “travels” through the internet I have noticed that all too few people know about the BCC field.

    I’m surprised it even got through Spam filters (of course I should note that it was already in my junk redirect mailbox for mispelling the actual address). Quite frankly if I didn’t have the redirect mailbox – there’d be a ton of missed emails because no one seems to be able to get our email addresses spelled right!

    Long time no see people! Tink 🙂

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      It does little good.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Email ignorance

      I can remind people about BCC all day long. I can’t stand over every one of them all day long and rap their knuckles every time they jam the ‘To:’ field full of external addresses.

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink if his head’s up his @ss.

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        by jellimonsta ·

        In reply to It does little good.

        a really long straw. 😉 :p

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        I can’t believe

        by tink! ·

        In reply to It does little good.

        I’ve stayed away so long. You guys (and gals) make me laugh!

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        BCC? What BCC?

        by gsg ·

        In reply to It does little good.

        OK, so I do know what BCC is. We deliberately don’t show it to our users. Why? Because we couldn’t break them of the dreaded “Reply All” even when they only saw that they were apparently the only recipient.

        After some issues that ended up in the lap of HR, only a couple of people here ever use it.

        I personally think that “Reply All” was one of the dumbest inventions ever.

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          Reply all

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to BCC? What BCC?

          It has some really handy benefits, a good feature should not be ditched due to dumb users. I have yet to see that problem, and have managed a couple of fairly large networks without that problem.

          I use it quite a bit as I often collaborate on projects with groups of people in the US and Europe. We share info or build press kits as a groups and update each other along the way, the reply all saves creating groups or adding 15 addresses to an email reply.

          I also do volounteer work for a couple fo charities, organizing events means a lot of back and forth between a group also, group reply is an excellent benefit.
          Used properly it is an excellent feature, used by dummies, well they just need a smack up the side of the head! 😉

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          You’re right

          by gsg ·

          In reply to Reply all

          Let me re-phrase that… We should be able to revoke priveleges to use “Reply All” if the user doesn’t use it correctly. Once or twice is a mistake, but by the 3rd or 4th time, it’s a bit ridiculous.

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          I’ll agree to that

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to You’re right

          I actually have the exact opposite problem. When I receive an email with a group of addy’s, I often hit reply and miss all but one of them. I then have to resend to ALL, while explaining my error to the person who got two copies. 🙂

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      People that use a computer to do their job

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Email ignorance

      are not computer literate, more than not.

      It is amazing to me how many people don’t know anything about computers, and don’t CARE to know anything about them.

      All part of the Windows mentality. If you have barely the intelligence to be sucking oxygen, you can be a computer user.

      Welcome home. B-)

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        IT Dept

        by mamies ·

        In reply to People that use a computer to do their job

        This is why the IT dept should show people and inform people on how to do this. This is all that can be done.

        Like jdclyde said if they dont CARE to know how to do it they wont

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          At large companies

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to IT Dept

          what, is IT supposed to hold everyones hand whenever they want to send an email?

          I work at a large company, the company makes information easy to find. The Intranet web page can take you to all kinds of tips/tricks/and other information. The Home page is pre-set for startup.
          However few people use these tools (1 click gets you to messaging home page, which is setup nicely with Outlook tips, IM tips, etc.)
          Also, there is a training tool — to find cr@ploads of training materials. the company even sends emails every few weeks with updates on the training materials.

          How many people stil call IT for the basic things???
          People want answers only to what they want to do right now, and they dont want to look it up, or wait.
          Also, they dont want to remember how to do these things.
          I dont think having an IT person walk them through proper email usage on day 1 would change a thing. But it certainly would put a strain on IT resources.

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          no IT isnt

          by mamies ·

          In reply to At large companies

          IT isnt supposed to hold these peoples hand when they send emails but they should inform people of the bcc rule. Your large company informs people by the intranet homepage which i assume is being supported by your IT dept.

          Like i said before its whether they want to care to learn is whether they will take the time to learn to use it.

          I dont think the individual IT person should go to each person and show them, I think that the users of the system should take the time to learn these rules. Maybe the IT department should remind people of this, although whether this will do any good is another question

          But what else can us IT support people do

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          Alas — The Stupid, Ignorant User will always

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to no IT isnt

          Actually, in my dept. managers are really good at setting policy, and referring people to said policies 🙂
          They also encourage us to go to some of these training sites, or tips sites, and continue to learn when we have downtime.

          Where I work, it really is setup pretty well. Except for the whole non-help helpdesk thing, and local support not helping either, and spending days trying to figure out the ‘new’ process for obtaining an item because the forms are for the ‘old’ way, etc. etc…..
          But the training and knowledge is there at least 🙂

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          Lucky you :(

          by mamies ·

          In reply to Alas — The Stupid, Ignorant User will always

          Where i work we did not have these policies and tips readily available. I am going through the strenuous task of setting up an intranet site. But i spose the users that use our computer system are rather good with email policies, they use the bcc and they use email ettiquite which is always good

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          “I don’t have TIME to take your class”

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to IT Dept

          Yeah, you don’t have the time to learn to be more efficient….

          One of my many hats is internal training. If was not for a MANDATE that EVERYONE would sit through my class when we first got email years ago, about 75% of the people would never have taken the class, and most would not be using the email now.

          When I first got hired in, the phones rang non-stop. Now, listen to the quiet…. 😀

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          All for mandatory PC training

          by notsochiguy ·

          In reply to “I don’t have TIME to take your class”

          I’ve been at firms where all new employees had to sit through a 2 hour session on proper PC etiquette and security; and that mandatory training was conducted whenever a major change dictated.

          I’ve also been at firms where people were free to come and go as they please, with regards to PC training.

          The # of menial & security issues that came in was far, far less at the firms in the former grouping than in the latter.

          With organizations looking to conserve efforts & time in the hopes of preserving the bottom line, you would think that more firms would adopt a proactive approach.

          Oh well.

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          If the decision makers don’t “buy in”

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to All for mandatory PC training

          It has to be seen as a benefit to have a well trained work force.

          When I was hired in, people were dropped in front of a PC and told to go do some work…. :0

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          I know someone who falls in that category!

          by tink! ·

          In reply to IT Dept

          And that’s my beloved husband! 😀

          And his friends. I’ve emailed a couple of times explaining the BCC and why one should use it. To no avail. Ah well. At least it’s only for communications between friends and family. (I hope)

          Tink 🙂

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      Maybe if they were charged virtual postage?

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Email ignorance

      “Congratulations! You inability to utilize the “BCC” field properly has resulted in a charge to your paycheck in the amount of (# of addressees * current postage rate).”

      One or two of these would get attention. No matter how stupid they are, everybody pays attention when you take away money!

      Welcome back. How you been?

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        Like that idea

        by bjennings59 ·

        In reply to Maybe if they were charged virtual postage?

        $$ out of our paycheck usually gets their attention.

        You can tell these people till your blue in the face about this. Years ago, we locked down all the larger DLs. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from individually putting in email addresses but it did make it more time consuming than spamming the whole “New York City Office” DL. People complained and we had to tell me nicely (d@mnit!) that the fundraiser for their daughter’s school really didn’t warrant a SPAM to the entire office. Oh, and neither did that email about the Tupperware party you’re throwing next week. Or that car you’ve got for sale. Sheesh! Folks just don’t have a clue.

        And don’t get me started on friends who forward all those stupid “forward this to EVERYBODY in your address book” emails. That’s a bit OT and a rant for another day…

        • #2926424

          OMG. Those.

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Like that idea

          You know, one of those needs to go around with a curse attached that causes the fingers of those who forward them to fall off. Grrrr…

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          No, No, No — These are The Worst

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to Like that idea

          and they happen Way too often.
          Someone sends an email and forgets BCC — the DL is huge (say several hundred people in different time zones).
          Then the dumba$$es reply TO ALL stating DO NOT REPLY TO ALL and/or Take me off your list
          then respondents to those people do the same thing.
          I have seen emails where weeks go by and they just wont die (people out of the office need to Reply to All when they get back 2 weeks later, etc.).
          I mean really, who is so stupid that they reply to all and tell everyone Not to?

        • #2926408


          by mamies ·

          In reply to No, No, No — These are The Worst

          This is also a great way to pass around viruses

        • #2926323

          Yes, those that hit Reply All and say…

          by bjennings59 ·

          In reply to No, No, No — These are The Worst

          “don’t send me this stuff” are the worst! Good Gawds people STOP! You’re only making it worse! And then as you say, a few of THOSE go back and forth.

          Another reason why we locked down all large DLs and gave permissions to just a select few.

        • #2926290


          by jellimonsta ·

          In reply to Yes, those that hit Reply All and say…

          Take me off this thread!

          Oh wait a minute, not the same thing! :p

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      That’s all very well but…

      by willsweetnsour ·

      In reply to Email ignorance

      When people are using such email software as AOL, which do not support a Blind Carbon Copy, only the alternative can be used and so large companies may use this because of the fact that the software won’t allow them to do it another way!

      Although things such as Windows Mail and Outlook could be used, many would not, for the sheer reason of “saving time”

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      I usually send a polite information email back

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Email ignorance

      If I know the company it has come from, I will usually reply to teh main sender and explain the BC field and that I rpefer not to be included in these types of mailings.

      What happens quite often for me, is a client will send out something they find amusing to al of their address book.

      The problem is, now I know what other companies they buy from, usually people I know and will talk to, this also tells me what they may be buying from a competitor and that I can focus on new areas of sales deevlopment etc. It is actually a salesman’s benefit when getting a contact list from a client (not so that I can approach the others but because of competitors as noted above).

      The only drag is that now my competitors know teh client also buys from me too, so they see teh same benefits I do in it.

      I usually just explain how BCC works, tell them to just send it to themselves and BCC everyone else to keep my name from being visible. I generally get a feedback email explaining their embarrassment as, like you say, many peopl edon’t know about the BCC field. It is not visible in Outlook by default so they don’t know it exists (another reason I don’t like Outlook).

      Yes, long tiem no see! Don’t be such a friggin stranger!

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