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Email ignorance

By Tink! ·
I received an email just the other day that was directed to AT LEAST 50 recipients...and they were ALL visible!

Now I could possibly see this in a small company like the one I work for where we don't have a formal IT department or training. (Although I have advised all 6 of us in the office to not put everyone in the CC or TO field)

But knowing this came from a large company - am I wrong to think that their IT dept should have briefed employees on proper email usage? I would think one of their suppliers or customers would have complained by now, prompting the IT dept to at least send out an e-memo. But I must say that in my "travels" through the internet I have noticed that all too few people know about the BCC field. <sigh>

I'm surprised it even got through Spam filters (of course I should note that it was already in my junk redirect mailbox for mispelling the actual address). Quite frankly if I didn't have the redirect mailbox - there'd be a ton of missed emails because no one seems to be able to get our email addresses spelled right!

Long time no see people! Tink :)

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It does little good.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Email ignorance

I can remind people about BCC all day long. I can't stand over every one of them all day long and rap their knuckles every time they jam the 'To:' field full of external addresses.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink if his head's up his @ss.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to It does little good.

a really long straw.

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I can't believe

by Tink! In reply to It does little good.

I've stayed away so long. You guys (and gals) make me laugh!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You mean like this?
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BCC? What BCC?

by GSG In reply to It does little good.

OK, so I do know what BCC is. We deliberately don't show it to our users. Why? Because we couldn't break them of the dreaded "Reply All" even when they only saw that they were apparently the only recipient.

After some issues that ended up in the lap of HR, only a couple of people here ever use it.

I personally think that "Reply All" was one of the dumbest inventions ever.

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Reply all

by Oz_Media In reply to BCC? What BCC?

It has some really handy benefits, a good feature should not be ditched due to dumb users. I have yet to see that problem, and have managed a couple of fairly large networks without that problem.

I use it quite a bit as I often collaborate on projects with groups of people in the US and Europe. We share info or build press kits as a groups and update each other along the way, the reply all saves creating groups or adding 15 addresses to an email reply.

I also do volounteer work for a couple fo charities, organizing events means a lot of back and forth between a group also, group reply is an excellent benefit.
Used properly it is an excellent feature, used by dummies, well they just need a smack up the side of the head!

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You're right

by GSG In reply to Reply all

Let me re-phrase that... We should be able to revoke priveleges to use "Reply All" if the user doesn't use it correctly. Once or twice is a mistake, but by the 3rd or 4th time, it's a bit ridiculous.

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I'll agree to that

by Oz_Media In reply to You're right

I actually have the exact opposite problem. When I receive an email with a group of addy's, I often hit reply and miss all but one of them. I then have to resend to ALL, while explaining my error to the person who got two copies. :)

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People that use a computer to do their job

by jdclyde In reply to Email ignorance

are not computer literate, more than not.

It is amazing to me how many people don't know anything about computers, and don't CARE to know anything about them.

All part of the Windows mentality. If you have barely the intelligence to be sucking oxygen, you can be a computer user.

Welcome home. B-)

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