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    email issues on POP account


    by sulbrich ·

    Hello all, I have a remote user that is able to send emails to any of the mailboxes that are in our domain, but when she tries to send to an or any other outside address, she gets the following error:
    ‘550 sorry, mail to that recipient is not accepted (#5.7.1)’
    Any ideas on what setting could be causing this? We currently use GoDaddy as our email host (soon to change)and no one else has this issue.

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      by sulbrich ·

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      SMTP Error – 550

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

      In reply to email issues on POP account

      Requested No Action: mailbox unavailable or is not local.

      This message indicates that the recipient specified in the RCPT command is not locally hosted on the server and relaying options prevent the message being forwarded to the recipient. To resolve this you should ensure that an address map has been associated with the desired mailbox. If you receive this message then you should use the MMC to ensure that this address has been assigned to a mailbox. This can be done in the MMC by viewing the properties of the Mailbox.

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