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Email issues when switching to Wired

By cfrank01 ·
Hopefully someone can give me some advice. My wife configured a friend's email client for her on the friend's laptop when it was connected to our wired network. However, when the user took her laptop back home to her wireless network, she is unable to receive email until she has reset her cable modem. Now she has to do this everytime she turns her laptop on and connects to her wireless network. If we bring the laptop to our wired network, we can send/receive email with no problems. We also recently put on XP Service Pack 2. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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by chanmkr In reply to Email issues when switchi ...

with winxp service pack 2 some programs does not work check if their r some settings in it to allow network

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Could be a lot of things

by edward.williams.29 In reply to Email issues when switchi ...

Could be most anything, but it would help to know if your wired network has a router, or an AP, or simple gateway or just a single cable to the modem you keep swapping out.

If you have a router and everyone else's work, review her TCP/IP settings to ensure that they are set to Automatically detect settings and so fourth, hard coded IP's may cause a conflict or be denied by your providers DHCP server.

If she can access the internet, but not check her mail, she's probably using an aliased address such as which only exists on a domain at her job or some specific location. In that case you'll have to hard code the ip address instead, and hope it's not an internal IP of that network.

To check the IP address, go to a system that the address like works on, go to the command prompt, and type in PING and then the address for example:


It will find the mail server, and report back to you it's ip address. (Warning these things change occaisionally and without warning). Then you can do a tracert to that system and see how far it is away from you, which will give you an idea of whether or not it's a local networked system.

Then take that IP, plug it into her Outlook/express as an IP instead of a name, and it should work.


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by silagy In reply to Email issues when switchi ...

make sure her email program is listed in the allowed programs in her wirleess network conntection firewall also some isp require to athencate on the out going email server.

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Need the info

by Quick1005 In reply to Email issues when switchi ...

Couple of things are needed to identify a possible cause:
1) Email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo?)
2) Was it working before the XP Service Pack 2 installation?
3) Has it ever worked in general wireless?
4) Are you sure as the other posters have asked the laptop achieves an IP address successfully on the wireless and can browse the internet?

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