Email Link in Newsletters - Technical Problems or Server Problem

By ChapeauGirl ·
I receive the TechRepublic Newsletters and for the past week I am unable to get the links to connect to the website enabling me to open and read the content and information.

Message states Technical Problems or Server Problems....I am not very computer savy but this is frustrating. Half the time, the complete Tech Republic webside is unavailable.

Are there problems I don't understand?

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Not that I'm aware of.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Email Link in Newsletters ...

I would be looking at the Security Settings on your Web Browser as the potential problem.

But without knowing what it is you are using it's very hard to say any more than that.


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Thank You!

by ChapeauGirl In reply to Not that I'm aware of.

Thank you, it works sometimes but most times not. I am using Norton, M/c is Vista HOme Premium Laptop and it happens most of the time....I will check the Security Setting again....I can go to the Web site normally....but the same as above...most times allowed other times not.

Thanks again, appreciate your comment.

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Your problem may be related to Vista

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thank You!

It has much more security built into it than XP and that's what I'm using because there isn't a valid reason to move to Vista in a business situation as yet as it's still an unproven product.


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Double Post <NT>

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thank You!
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I had same problem with XP, here is what cured

by DadsPad In reply to Email Link in Newsletters ...

Thanks to Hal, with his hint on security. I am not very familiar with Vista, as it has not been implemented here, yet.

But I had to add to trusted sites. In XP, it is tools, Internet Options, Privacy, sites and added Now the newsletter links work.

Funny, though, it happened just beinging last Monday, June 4th. I wonder if something was changed at TR?

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Another thanks,

by ChapeauGirl In reply to I had same problem with X ...

I will try that. As I said before it happens sometimes but not all the time. I can go for three days and everything is fine then a few more days nothing. If I press the link, "cannot see this email in the newsletter".....I can click on that and it will take me to TechRepublic most times but not all.

It could be Vista I am not sure. BTW, I have had no Vista problems as of yet but I am still learning. Too busy doing basic things....if I had of known that not much was compatible, I would of bought my new computer with XP Professional in January. I had a heck of a time just finding a dial-up service.

I am not a techie but just like receiving the newsletters as I like to learn different things and explore!

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Privacy Setting ???

by ChapeauGirl In reply to Email Link in Newsletters ...

I went and changed the PRivacy setting as suggested and nothing...same thing.

I get that square in the middle of the page

"Web site not responding, server may be down, etc."

Thanks for your help....I give up! It only happens with Tech Republic.

Appreciate your comments and help!

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If TR works some of the time, try this

by DadsPad In reply to Privacy Setting ???

Refresh the page. Sometimes I am in TR and click on an new post and get the same screen. I refresh the screen and it comes up.

When I had my problem with the newsletter links, nothing worked. Now with the trusted site, it does work.

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Refresh.....Tried that....

by ChapeauGirl In reply to If TR works some of the t ...

Thanks, DADsPAD

I do that & nothing. I will google TechRepublic and same thing when I click on link.

I haven't changed anything on m/c and no other site do this ...except TechR....Thanks for suggestion....will keep trying.

Appreciate all your advice. Thanks much !

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Go Figure....

by ChapeauGirl In reply to Email Link in Newsletters ...

Hi, believe it or is working like a charm this morning. Links in emails, etc.
Hummmmm, wonder how long this will last!

The funny thing is I don't understand much of what I am reading on the newsletter but I love them and learn a few things everyday.

Thanks folks!

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