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Email link not working from my website - HELP I've tried everything

By Silverstone Geezer ·
I've a click "here" hyperlink on our Bed and
Breakfast website. It displays and works
properly in Internet Explorer, but has never
worked in Firefox. We've just hoped people
have found a way around it, but one never
knows. 2 things have changed. Firstly I've
started using Google Chrome. Secondly I've
switched my website development from
SiteSpinner to Microsoft Expression Web. The
same issue prevails, so I'm really confused.

I've erased the hyperlink and recreated it in
MS EWeb - no change. I've created the same
link elsewhere on the page and it works, but of
course I need the link where it is, so that's
no good. I've deleted the whole text box and
re-created it in MS EWeb, but the same thing

This defies all logical analysis.

Please take a look at the source code on our
website ( and see if you
can tell me what I'm doing wrong ! Thanks.

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Problem solved (I think)

by david.white In reply to Email link not working fr ...

The problem is that one of your floating layers is sitting on top of the link. It's this one:

Incidentally, you also have an unclosed Font tag - the section starts "Located just by the A43 ..."

Good luck,
Don't clap ... throw money!

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Sorry, that code snippet didn't paste properly

by david.white In reply to Problem solved (I think)

It's the DIV -
div id="OGoogleanalyt"

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by Silverstone Geezer In reply to Problem solved (I think)

Thanks David. Local too!

That seems completely logical. Is there a handy tip as to where to hide "floating layers" so they don't cause problems ? Or is it just a case of ensuring the text box overlays the floating layer rather than the other way around?

I'd be alright if everything was in DOS :-)

Thanks for your help.

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Well, we country yocals have to help each other out!!

by david.white In reply to Thanks

Essentially, this is a cross-browser problem. The reason it works with IE and not Firefox is because they treat the stacking order of overlapped layers differently if there is no order specified. So in IE your 'mask' layer would be behind, whereas in Firefox it obviously was in front.

I don't know of an easy way to watch for this. I cheated in the end and copied-and-pasted your page code into Dreamweaver - the layer then shows visually in Design view.
All the best,

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