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    EMail Monitoring Software


    by qultptry ·

    Looking for software that would monitor email server for content etc. Is anyone dealing with a present software that they would recommend? I have heard of goggle-net is it any good? This will be housed on an exchange server.

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      EMail Monitoring Software

      by bound4doom ·

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      I use Elron, it works so good that several other location in our corporation are using it now, i use both the internet monitoring agent and the e-mail, has a great interface and doesn’t require much, it uses old basic hacker technology to get the job done. install iton an NT Machine that is on a hub plugged right next to your router cable and it sniffs every single packet that goes by it. You can set it up to ingnore certain things you can build dictionaries, or let it autobuild it’s own. Nice thing is it is maintenance free, set it up to e-mail you when certain things happen.

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      EMail Monitoring Software

      by mcse lee ·

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      I have experimented with Elron (as in #1), and agree that it is quite good. The company finally went with an entirely different option (they chose not to monitor for content in messages) by restricting e-mails through the firewall and Proxy, but my experience testing the Elron product was extremely positive.

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