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Email not Blocked?

By stepsimon ·
The company I work for has it's email hosted with one company while a different company is it's ISP. (Now that everything is broken they are finally going to let me change this.)

We are unable to get to our email, or any of the service websites (business gateway, webmail, our own website), for the company that hosts our email. We are able to get anywhere else on the web with no problems. I have a customer who uses our email host company as an FTP host, and I am unable to get to their FTP site.

A vendor down the street use the same ISP as we do, and they are unable to get to service websites for the company that hosts our email either.

Tracerts show all us leaving the ISP network and getting onto the network of the email host, but after three hops on the email host's network the tracert times out.

The email host says it not blocking our ip address, and neither company seems to have a good idea about what could be going on.

Any help would be appreciated.


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