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Email not delivered until a message is highlighted

By wingszeto ·
We have a Exchange 5.5 sp4 with some critical hot fixes/patches applied. We encounter this problem in the past three weeks. Some users said that not until they click something (i.e. highlight an existing email message in Outlook), no message will deliver to their inbox. The email messages that I am talking about are internal email. This problem doesn't seem to happen to all email users. And it doesn't seem to matter what Outlook version it is.

Please give me some pointers as to what cause this. Your help is fully appreciated.


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Auto send and recive

by Oz_Media In reply to Email not delivered until ...

The most likely cause is Auto Send and Recieve.

Outlook doesn't automatically check for new messages unless told to (damn M$ trash!).

OR it could be that Scheduled Send and receive is disabled.

Both issues can be fixed in the TOOLs menu under send and receive settigs.

Make sure they haven't set it to work ofline, it is VERY easy to do as it is near EXIT in the menu.

Oe LAST issue may be that scheduled download intervals are set too close together, people often change the scheduled download to 1 minute helps, but all it does it busy the server.

Goos luck, next time you hae a technical question, try posting in the Tech Q&A forum, ou will get far more responses.

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Having the same issue here.

by Bee Jay In reply to Auto send and recive

We have begun to have the same issue in my organization. Very annoying. I've changed the automatic send/receive settings to check more frequently, but it doesn't seem to be the root of the issue. We began noticing it after windows XP SP2 was installed and thought it might be related to either the firewall or other security enhancements. Good luck, I'll let you know if we figure it out.

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Auto Send and receive

by Oz_Media In reply to Having the same issue her ...

One MAJOR network mistake with Outlook is that people set the send and receive polling times shorter and shorter thinking it will improve delivery.

It really isn't reccommended though as it increases network congenstion and really doesn't make much difference if you are have S&R issues to begin with. Set it to a confortable level, nobody wants email sitting around unopened for 4 hours, but not to the 1 minute cycle, if 40 users auto S&R email every minute, that's either a constant server load (having them all check seconds apart) or an intense load every minute (should they all check at the exact same time).

Something you may want to monitor anyway.

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Windows XP SP2 seems to be the problem.

by cseavers In reply to Having the same issue her ...

We are having the same problem at our site. It started after SP2 was installed. I can't find anything that helps. I am hoping someone can figure this out. I have also noticed a slow down on mail sent internally as well. Bee Jay have you noticed an internal slow down?

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Email doesn't come in unless you click

by angela.hayman In reply to Windows XP SP2 seems to b ...

I was having the same problem until I followed Method 1 at the following link. It has to do with the services pack 2 and firewall issues.;en-us;883555

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Email fix

by angela.hayman In reply to Having the same issue her ...
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Firewall on xp

by rajk In reply to Auto send and recive

I had the same problem with Firewall on XP turned on. When I turned it off it seemed to resolve the issue. I am Using Mcaffee personal so I really don't need 2 firewalls running so turned off the windows firewall.

Had no issues on other operating systems.

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Email fix

by angela.hayman In reply to Email not delivered until ...
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Delivery of Email

by cseavers In reply to Email not delivered until ...

I have that if you have applied XP SP2 then the firewall enhancements may cause you an issue. to work around this issue, run wscui.cpl, click windows firewall, click the exceptions tab, then add program. Browse to locate your outlook.exe and select it. Then click OK. Make sure that Outlook is selected on the Exceptions Tab. This fixed this issue in our office.

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