email not going to parent company after vpn upgrade

By luv2bike2 ·
We just upgraded from on VPN (juniper netscreen box) to another VPN (Cisco Pix 501 box). Everything is working fine except emailing from our site to our parent site. We are on two different domains. they are using Exchange and we are using Postoffice. We can email out to the outside world but not to our parent company. We have checked the DNS settings on my mail server and everything look good. We are using Wingate for internet access, and Mail Marshal, which we have checked the configurations on both of them and they seem to be fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else could be wrong.
Again, we can send and receive email to/from the outside world, however we can receive email from our parent company, however when we send emails (reply or new emails) they do not get to our parent company.

Thanks so much!!!

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to email not going to parent ...

With the change in Firewalls have you made sure the new Firwall still allows the same outbound traffic and that the nescessary ports are open (such as 25 for SMTP)?

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came down to a dns zone listing

by luv2bike2 In reply to Ports

after calling Mail Marshal, and looking at the sender log file, there was a log there that told us "can't resolve domain", with that we went into the DNS and removed the forward zone to the parent company, after removing the zone, the emails were delivered to the recipents.
Thank you for your suggestion.

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