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Email not received by external contact

By Phil02 ·

I have a user (Anne) that sends out emails to different companies, except 1 company (say the XYZ company) that can not receive any emails from her account.

I have tracked the email messages from my company to XYZ and according to the exchange logs it is received at XYZ. Since XYZ is a company with its own IT dept, I can not check their logs and have to take their word that it didn't arrive.

Software in my company:
Exchange 2000
Outlook 2002

Software in XYZ
Exchange 5.0
Outlook (not sure of version)

Testing done so far.
Sent emails from Anne's account to my account -
worked. Emails to everyone else work

Sent emails to Joe in XYZ and to his hotmail account. Email arrived in hotmail not company account.

Telnetted onto XYZ mail server using port 25. sent email - email delivered using telnet commands

Set up Outlook Express on Anne's PC, sent email to Joe at XYZ email arrived.

Anne doesn't want to use 2 email programs just to send emails to XYZ.

Any ideas why emails received from Outlook Express and not Outlook?

Any ideas or help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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by shanna In reply to Email not received by ext ...

Check to see if there are any "user-created" rules at BOTH comanies in effect in either email program that would prohibit the sending/receiving to that company, as well as any "server-side" filters that may be set up blocking the delivery.

Also, get the IT dept. at XYZ to flush their DNS cache. I had an issue similar to this a few months ago where the recipient company's server had retained old DNS information from month's before our IP addresses, etc. had been updated by our ISP. Once they flushed their cache, all mail then flowed through properly.

Give those a shot and keep us posted. Good luck!

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by Phil02 In reply to Email not received by ext ...

There are no rules on my side and XYZ say they have no rules or filtering on their side.

Will try the DNS solution

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