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By jhambrick ·
I have a real estate office and I am looking for a way that when a lead comes in through e-mail it creates excitement - flashing lights, noise maker (siren, bells and whistles.) I must be some sort of hard ware that interfaces with a PC and the electric socket. So far I can't find it or what it is even called - Got any Ideas?

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Email Delivery Message

by BFilmFan In reply to email notification hardwa ...

You could hire a wino and have him monitor email for when a message arrives.

When one does he could run out in the street naked screaming bloody murder and that would sure cause the police to show up with sirens blaring.

I would consider that pretty exciting, but the neighbors might consider that a reason to have you move your office elsewhere...

Another idea would be to buy some X-10 modules and the program that runs them. When a message comes in, the appliance could made to blink the lights.

Frankly, it might just be easier to have the PC play a sound when a message arrives, as described in the article at

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The wino Idea

by jhambrick In reply to Email Delivery Message

The wino idea will not work here for several reasons.
1) Not sure if he will stay awake - Can't keep my agents alert.
2)A screaming naked person running around here in downtown Orlando seems to be a common occurrence and would therefore not attract attention.
3)He will probably be smarter and look better than me and will take over my office.

I looked at the X10 but did not realise that it would work for what I want it to do. They seem to be programmable timers to run lights etc. not an instant interface between PC and 120 volts. Seems like there should be a market for this stuff especially if it taking all this to get an answer.

Thanks for suggestion.

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