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By rmccon ·

I am in an office where we have Outlook 2002 & Outlook 2003. We download our emails off of a pop 3 server, and we would like to get that little box showing up in the middle of the screen notifying us of new messages. The
box forces you to click yes or no. It was available in Outlook 2000, but does not seem to be avaialbe in 2002 or 2003.

Any hints or help would be great.



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by a In reply to Email Notification

Hey Rob...

Microshaft yanked that non-politically correct, intrusive, demanding function and replaced it with the more aesthetically appealing (to whom?) notification area popup. You've probably seen the little window that pops up in your "system notification area" (the "systray") when you receive an email, IF that email is not filtered by any of the rules you have set up. Since I have over 140 message rules running on my setup, I rarely see that popup myself.

There are 2 suggestions I have for you.

The first is to make that pop up window stay visible longer, and not be so transparent. Go to TOOLS - OPTIONS... EMAIL OPTIONS, then ADVANCED OPTIONS and DESKTOP ALERT SETTINGS. Make the transparency ZERO and increase the display time. This is a good option if you don't have a lot of filters and rules.

The other thing you can do is try a free plugin called "TrayLook" from Pergenex. I've not used TrayLook myself, but many of my fellow admins seem to really like it, and they have asked me several times why I don't use it. TrayLook claims to watch ALL inbound messages, filtered or not, and alert you to messages either en masse or ones that fit only specific guidelines you set up.

Hope this helps! :)


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by rmccon In reply to

Thanks for the info, but it did not really solve my problem. I tried the pergenex, but it did not seem to work well.

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by SimY In reply to Email Notification

It is available in 2002/2003. Go to the Tools menu and select Options. In the Preferences tab, click on Email Options. Click on the 3rd check box labelled 'Dispaly a notification message when new mial arrives'

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by rmccon In reply to

Thanks as well, but the notification for 2002 is a little envelope in the system tray and for 2003 you can only have it pop up for a max of 30 seconds. Not enough time if you are away from your desk, you may not see it when you return.


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by kokwee_1867 In reply to Email Notification

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by rmccon In reply to

Thanks, but we are not willing to switch to incredimail.


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