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    email on one domain


    by cwsc ·

    I am trying to accomplish the following: a road warrior with a xp laptop and a verizon card to only be able to send/recieve email from our domain. I do not want them to be able to change account settings in the email client.
    I have tried looking through some group policy settings with no luck. Did I overlook something or is this even possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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      Yes you can, but…

      by jdgretz ·

      In reply to email on one domain

      You have a lot of work cut out for you on this one. You’re going to be locking down that laptop so tight that it will only do what you say it can do. Start off with ensuring none of the applications he needs require any more than basic privileges – not Standard User (power user) or Admin rights. NO access to the local machine (requires registry hack). You need to remove the capability to get into the Control Panel and also remove the ability to even see the hard disk outside of maybe the My Documents folder, unless you have that mapped as well.

      Basically, this machine will no longer be able to function as a stand alone machine – it will only be functional when attached to the network.

      Oh yes, if he has a personal email account that has webmail access or a hotmail/yahoo/name your favorite free email service on the web, and you allow him to surf the net, then you’ve lost the battle.


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