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By jimslade ·
We have both a desk top and a laptop in our home office and are connected to broadband ADSL. We have two email addresses, one for business and one personal. We can send and receive from both email addresses outside of our office, but cannot send and receive between our two computers. A window appears when we send an internal email, saying that we have encountered a problem and the email could not be sent. I have contacted my server numerous times without success. Any suggestions please???

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by technogeek-1995 In reply to Email problem

Could it possible be your firewall?

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How are the computers connected tot he Modem?

by OH Smeg In reply to Email problem

If one is hard wired and the other is a Wireless connection you may be required to enter the WiFi Access Points Setup Procedure and Bridge the WiFi and wired LAN's together.

Now as you say that you are unable to send E-Mail between the 2 computers what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? To actually send an E-Mail from one computer tot he Other? If that is the case the E-Mail should be leaving the office going tot he ISP and then being redirected to the other E-Mail Account coming back to the other computer. If that is not happening it sounds like a Problem with the E-Mail system.

But here it gets difficult as you will need to tell us exactly what the Network Topography is and how th E-Mail is setup. If both computers are able to collect E-Mail from Both Accounts what you would be doing is effectively sending the E-Mail from one computer back to itself as that Mail Client would be the open one when it comes time to forward on the E-Mail.

Also what are you using for a E-Mail Client and how is it setup?


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Pop or Exchange

by technogeek-1995 In reply to How are the computers con ...

What type of server...Pop, Exchange, or IMAP...are you using?

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