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    Email Problem Exchange 2000


    by wlsc2 ·

    I have a customer using SBS 2000.
    The email is created by an ISP and then sent to the server using a pop connector, in turn the exchange distributes the email to the users.
    I have setup a new user in Active directory users and computers. now i have looked at the settings of another user and they seem the same, this user can send email but cant recieve email?
    is there something i am missing? i am desperate to sort this out. the settings are as follows
    domain is ppeople.local
    her email should be
    i assume that in theory it should be a case of just setting up the user getting the isp to create the email?
    any help would be much appreciated.

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      Reply To: Email Problem Exchange 2000

      by robgwilcox ·

      In reply to Email Problem Exchange 2000

      Do you have the POP Connector configured to dip in to a global mailbox at the ISP? Or is it individual mailboxes at the ISP?

      If it’s the former, then yes, the ISP or yourself should add the user, and then the Connector will pull down the mail for that user as the others, and distribute it.

      If it’s the latter then you would need the ISP to create the mailbox, and you’d need to modify the connector to include the user/password details to pull down the mail, and distribute it.


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