email problems from Word

By jerryew ·
I often email docs from Word and Excel. It suddenly stopped working. I get a message that mapi has stopped running, and to restart both programs, Word and Outlook, and it should work. It doesn't. I'm using Windows 7, and Office 2007. Anyone have a clue?

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Just because those apps are running doesn't mean MAPI is.

by seanferd In reply to email problems from Word

Click Start → Run → type %windir%\system32\fixmapi.exe
→ hit Enter → Reboot the system.


If you use Office add-ons, run Office in Office Safe Mode or disable or uninstall add-ons and see if the problem persists.

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Thanks for the Reply

by jerryew In reply to Just because those apps a ...

Thanks for the effort, but after trying your suggestions, I found the problem still exists.
Nothing really happened when I typed the command, but I did reboot, with no luck. Also, checked my add-ons, turned them all off.....

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by seanferd In reply to Thanks for the Reply

I would think fixmapi ran without any problem - it succeeds silently, you get an error if something goes wrong.

A couple of separate things:

Post the full & exact error code and text of the error message.

Check the event logs to see if anything else is reported when the error occurs. You can post anything relevant, at least the code.

Follow the first set of two steps outlined here to run the System File Checker.

Repair MS Office. A repair option is offered in the add/remove programs entry for MS Office in the control panel.****-is-addremove-programs

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by jerryew In reply to OK

Thanks for your suggestions. The sfc cmd did not yield any faulty files, nor did the office repair. The error message reads "Word couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure: unidentified error"

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A few more ideas.

by seanferd In reply to Suggestions

Make sure Outlook is the default email client. Check the Internet Properties control panel under the programs tab to make sure that it is.**8792
Try the Fix it solution from this page.

Make sure that the default format for sending mail in Outlook is HTML.

Otherwise, I'm not getting anything much useful from searches"Word+couldn't+send+mail+because+of+MAPI+failure%3A+unidentified+error"

You may want to contact MS or ask in the MS forum if you cannot get this resolved. I'm pretty much out of ideas.

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by jerryew In reply to A few more ideas.

Thanks again for the try Seanferd. Weird problems huh? I guess I will just use Outlook and attach the file from Word..... Appreciate your comments/suggestions

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A FIX!!!!!

by jerryew In reply to OK

Just thought I would let you know, there is a fix! Running the program in the XP Mode seems to resolve the problem. I have no idea why or how, but I tried it, and it worked. I got the tip from some website. Actually, I was going to try to run as admin, but that option was not available. I did find an option to look at settings, accepted them and voila!!! Thought you might be interested....

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Out of curiosity..

by NexS In reply to A FIX!!!!!

How have you been attaching documents from Word? Something like "File> Send To> Mail recipient"?

Have you tried re-installing or 'repair'ing Microsoft Office?

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Office 2007

by jerryew In reply to Out of curiosity..

In this version, when you click on "the ball", you have the option to Send. You can choose email, send as xml, pdf, or a fax. Hope this helps satisfy your curiosity.

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by NexS In reply to Office 2007

Did you try a repair or reinstall during your resolution attempts?
It could have simply been a broken part of Office...

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