email query to a database

By nwturtle ·
in its simplest form, i need a database program with built in email client... or an email program with a built in database

here's how i would like it to work-
a user sends an email to my database/email client, the database is searched based on the request in the body of the email, a reply with the found data is sent...

is there such a program? is linux or windows better suited for this?

and no, email rules in thunderbird/outlook wont work for me... (i have over 30,000 entries to make in the database) to start, i just need something to search my database automatically from an incoming email

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Interesting concept: Outbound from the DB is easy, inbound is not.

by robo_dev In reply to email query to a database

it would be far easier to setup a web-page with a web form to build the query as there are few practical ways to make sure that the email program created a query that had the right syntax every time.

I guess you could have a process to parse/search emails to extract the query based on the subject line....however my first thought is that the database would suffer a meltdown as the parser tried to import 50,000 spam emails....

It poses an interesting security issue too, since you would not want anybody to feed it some killer query that gives them the whole database....

Many databases can send's how you send the results

Sending scheduled SQL query results via HTML e-mail using SSIS

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by nwturtle In reply to Interesting concept: Outb ...

very interesting... but the reason why i am still pushing the email based search is that the emails are coming from cellphones (text messages)
etc. etc. etc.

the emails will not come from a web based/computer email account like gmail, yahoo, etc.

and i need to set up 30,000 key entries that
will determine what the db will search for/respond with
(this shouldn't be too hard)

plus if there is no match, no reply is sent...

im gonna set up some custom filtering to filter the incoming text messages to folders
and that way i can manually review if needed for spam or tech help

and plus, since text messages are limited to 160 characters, the entire db cannot be sent to the cellphone...

The main focus is automation-
automation in this key function:
Step 1- incoming email
Step 2- db search based on data in body of email
Step 3- reply to the email with the data found in the db
Step 4- log

is there a way to do this with outlook + access? or thunderbird + open source database?? (i need a suggestion on integration)

if so, please send me a how to

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Google SMS kinda does that.....

by robo_dev In reply to interesting
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by nwturtle In reply to Google SMS kinda does tha ...

google sms does exactly the thing im looking for... only i want to make my own kind of google sms

basically i want to make my own local information database that responds text messages

any thoughts?

im exploring the dqts link...
it looks nifty, but i need a program, not code (idk how to work with java)

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