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By Starbury ·
I posted this in the email administration group, but i think mostly everyone reads the netadmin section so i will repost it here..

Lately i have been running into a few users who archive a boat load of emails. these emails often contains jpeg attachments as well as others. The problem is that their pst fles grow rapidly and before you know it they become corrupt. Our company currently consists of about 70 users. My question is: how can i address the issue of pst files growing extremely large (thus becoming unstable)? Ideally i would like to identify potentially problematic pst files before they become corrupt. I am also curious to know how other IT administrators are handling this job...

Thank You.

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by Dwiebles In reply to Email question

we switched the entire company to IMAP, and began preaching the benefits of deleting your old e-mails. I find when their .pst file goes corrupt once, it is usually the fastest way to teach them to clean up after themselves. (but are the headaches worth that lesson, NO WAY, c'est la vie)

Also set up Auto archiving to run regularly, should keep the PST in check.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Email question

If you are not getting answers, you should try posting in the TEchnical Queationa and Answers forum (Technical Q&A) as it is designed for user issues instead of discussions.

Best of luck,

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by jrslyrics In reply to Actually

Institute The mailbox quota restriction. Mostly all e-mail servers have them. I am familiar with MS exchange server and know first hand that it works fine!

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