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By pucknut ·
I know this is a pretty generic topic, and has probably been discussed in one way or another a thousand times, but I need a starting point.
Some friends of mine have a small local business, and I have become their "IT" guy even though my knowledge is limited. They own a domain name, but are not yet using it. At the present they use Yahoo for their email, and are wanting to use their company domain name instead ( I am looking for any suggestions on what might be the best way to do this for them. Should I set up a dedicated email server on their small network (2 or 3 computers connected to a router)? They have an older computer that could be used for this, but I am not sure if all of that is necessary. Can you just set up Outlook to use that domain name? Sorry for the simpleton questions, but I just want to get some good ideas before I go and have them spend money on unneeded email software. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Email Server

don't apologise, this stuff is confusing...
i would contact my local isp and tell them what i needed. they can host mail for you. much better and very cost effective. to get mail to your domain, you gotta have a mail server. on the internet. which means all kinds of firewall/hacker security measures should be in place. better to let the isp do it. they charge very little. shop around maybe?
you can't just setup Outlook to use that domain name...has to be something that speaks mail server, has a unique public ip address and has to be connected to internet, see? bad idea to put your own box in internet unless you got lots time or money imho
once it is hosted for you, you can use any pop3 mail client you want, outlook, outlook express, incredimail, eudora. your isp will explain all and if they don't get somebody else because this is crucial for you imho.

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by CG IT In reply to Email Server

I'm so confused Sgt Shultz! I know Noth ing!! ha ha.

ok email. There are some low cost email server software that are linux based and I'm not familiar with em to comment on them. I only know Microsofts Exchange, but here's some idea. If your client really really wants to use their domain name for email, and like MS stuff, I would suggest going with Small Business Server 2000 or the Platinum version of Small Business Server 2003. SBS 2000 can be nabbed for about $800 USD, 2003 Platinum for around $1500 USD. You gets your W2K server [or 2003 if you buy that] your Exchange 2000 server and most importantly your ISA server. Setup is pretty easy and wizard driven.

Now to make it all work. If you have an always on DSL connection with a dynamic IP assigned, you'll need a 3rd party DNS service and list that service as your name server with your Domain Name registar. That will point whoever types in <> or sends mail @<> to your servers. Now the tricky part. Since always on DSL service and a mail server is open to the internet, those that have nothing better to do with their time will spend their time tying to make life miserable for you. Firewalls, intrustion detection/deterent and Antivirus for your mail server as well as your next work is your best defense [besides not connecting them to the internet].

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by Whatme? In reply to Email Server

This is a simple matter. I would not suggest buying server hardware, server software, email server software etc for 3 to even 10 users. OUTSOURCE. Pick a site such as For a hundred $/yr, you can get the name registrar to point to them in DNS. You can have unlimited email accounts and web site... They get pop3 and web mail. There are many web hosting services out there the same. You can then concentrate your time on the basics (user problems)

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by vastelectronics In reply to Email Server

I agree with whatme? for under even 20 users have your isp service the domain hosting for you and email.
but if they grow to the point where hosting there own email is a viable option Build a winNT 4 server with Proxy 2 yes i said nt4 and proxy 2 if set up correctly very secure and are not targetted by viral code like its predecessor w2k or w2003 servers and get Imail by Ipswitch i've just updated my server to ver8.x has built in anti-spam as well.Very simple to set up.

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by kevin.cain In reply to Email Server

I my opinion you could do worse than to use VPOP3. This allows users in a small business to send and recieive email to each other and get their external mail from a central point. The cost for a 5 user license is just ?50.00 and will take about 45 mins to set up. Download the sofware from with a 30 day trial.
You can set up VPOP3 to retrieve email from their own domain or from another or both.

Hope that helps

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