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Our current mailserver is MS Exchange Server 2003.
Unfortunately, it has a very annoying way of forwarding emails:

If I want to forward emails from my Exchange account to a different server/domain, I have to set up a rule in Outlook to do this.

Unfortunately this means that the "from" address changes from the original sender to my Exchange account, which means it looks like the email came from me (as opposed to the original sender), and I can not reply to it directly.

I had the idea of setting up an SMTP server in front of the Exchange server, where users can create a REAL forward.

Does anyone know of a server (Windows!) for this purpose? It should have the following features:

- AD aware (so we don't have to create separate accounts for this)
- web interface for user login
- as few other user feature as possible
- a "default forward" so that email is forwarded to our Exchange server, if the user has not entered a forward addres.

Alternatively, if there is a way to do this on the Exchange server, I would love to know how :-)

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