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Email Server Software? Which one? Why?

By carltrimble ·
I am the head of IT at my company and I am in the process of
planning a corporate email solution. I have to choose between
three different options... Exchange (which is low on the list), Lotus
Notes, Squirrelmail. I really would like to use Lotus Notes but
because of cost I am looking strongly at Squirrelmail. I have about
40 people that will be using this server everyday. I would like to
hear opinions about which software is great to setup, maintain, and
forget for a while. Also ease of use for the client.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Email Server Software? Wh ...

Lotus Notes is a technology dead-end. Don't waste your time with purchasing a product the vendor doesn't even bother to use.

For 40 people, Exchange is too expensive.

Go with Squirrelmail and run it on Linux.

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What version of Linux?

by carltrimble In reply to SquirrelMail

I was thinking Debian. But am not familiar with any of them really.
The most experience I have had with linux is administrating my
smoothwall and hacking my tivo.

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re: linux version

by Jaqui In reply to What version of Linux?

download a few "live cd" versions and look at them,
see what tools they have for admin, and which one you like.
then use that one.

most linux distro's will install either sendmail or postfix as the default.

sendmail, one of the oldest email servers.
postfix, newer, same syntax as sendmail for config files.
( thier selling point to get people to use it )

the benefit of any linux solution is the fact you don't even have to touch the server other than add / remove users after you get it set up and configured.
you can even set up an automatic update with a cron job, as frequently as you want.
this would mean that only upgrading versions or adding and removing users would be only time you touch the server itself.

the same box can also be webserver, ftp server, sql server, and network server.

with 40 users, not a hard task for one linux box.

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on crack?

by jeffersnet In reply to SquirrelMail

Lotus Notes is far from being dead and that is the product used for their email and web sites, check out to see it in action.

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E-Mail Suggestion

by Rhonda_Nole In reply to Email Server Software? Wh ...

We are now using Lotus Notes as we were converged upon by a larger corporation. However, prior to that converion I searched many options for e-mail for our winery. After testing I really recommend Imail by Ipswitch. It is easy to administer and very solid. We used it for 4 years and I was very impressed by the product. It is highly recommended.


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by djameson In reply to Email Server Software? Wh ...

What does the rest of your environment look like I assume Domain architecture at 40 users. Is it NT AD2k AD2k3 linux? what features do you need? calendar sharing? webaccess? if you just need an email solution use Exim it's free and as flexible as anything out there. LotusNotes is on the way out I expect it will be gone in 2 years, I saw a comment that Exchange is too expensive, not true when you consider that the client comes with the server. You should get matching numbers of outlook clients to what you purchase in CALS. So if you don't already own the office suite, there can be considerable cost savings there. I've used quite a few different email servers, and I always wish I would have put in exchange.

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info from where????

by jeffersnet In reply to

Where are you hearing that Lotus Notes is on the way out? IBM is investing a lot of time and money in the new version of Notes (7) coming out in the near future. A lot of large companies and government agencies use Lotus Notes and I haven't been hearing about any of them switching to something else. In fact I was just involved in a project where a domain using Exchange switched everything to Lotus Notes R6.5.2.

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comments on two

by jeffersnet In reply to Email Server Software? Wh ...

I administer Exchange and Lotus Notes for different domains and Exchange is by far the easiest for everyone. End users tend to be able to figure out Microsoft products quicker than anything else so that helps there. I really like Lotus Notes better though because you can do so much more with it. Both of them are easy to set up but you really can't just forget about Lotus Notes although the smallest Notes network I worked with had 1200 users so with 40 it might be easier. Lotus Notes also works well on a Linux box but that requires a lot more knowledge.
I don't know anything about Squirrelmail but Qmail is another option that may be worth exploring.

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Notes is workflow too

by Dr Dij In reply to comments on two

we had a slick setup where I'd request computer gear on PO, forward to first person on approval list.

When I needed it urgently I was able to tell instantly that person 4 on list had it sitting in his in box.

and other feature:
how many companies have encrypted email in house or to clients?

all in house email and clients using notes was automatically encrypted/ decrypted so it was secure outside the co.

did you read about that ISP in AZ reading email of a biz using its services to something shady?

purchasing item emails setup can't delete it, either approve or deny it.

way better than tracking down paper.

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