Email Signature in Outlook not retained in terminal services

By jrinehart ·
We have a Windows 2003 network, exchange server, using Outlook 2003 and terminal services 2003. The issue is that when an employee saves an email signature in Outlook then later it will disappear. Sometimes when they log into one of six terminal servers they will get the signature. I believe the issue is that about one month ago we installed two new terminal servers. Problem started after that. At first I thought it was only on the two new; Now it can be on any of them. Any solutions would be great. Thanks....

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corrupted signature file

by Kenone In reply to Email Signature in Outloo ...

Where do you have them saving their signatures? Pick a place and create a new sig file. I assume their using roaming profiles so the signature file should be in their profile. If you're using a common "My Documents" to save it then you'll have some sluething to do.

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Outlook Config

by simontodd In reply to Email Signature in Outloo ...

As per the previous post, where do they save their Signiture, is it in roaming profiles or do you redirect the profile giving you flex profiles?
The other question is how do you configure outlook? are you using a PRF file everytime the user logs in? If so that will over write the profile settings and loose the sig. Also do you have any adm/gp's configured for outlook or office. They can stop signitures being saved of applied.


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signature file

by tdogizhere In reply to Outlook Config

I have had the same thing happen to me. What I have found is that it pertains to the Unique ID of the istall. On each of the servers there is a First Run registry entry that must match on each of the servers. When user logs in and sets up their information and then logs into a different server that number being different will treat them like a new user and put some of the settings back to default. This is common with roaming profiles. Export the entry at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Setup] of one of the servers and then replace it on any of the machines that the user will login into. Now this gets tricky if you have a user logging into a workstation and a remote server. So it is best to have all of the machines on the network have this same First run code. That way it will not happen to anyone later on if they decide to login remotely. If you import this registry entry on machines that have been up and running with Outlook then you will have to put some of the settings back in the next time they open it. But once all of the machines have the same code you will be fine. This is what fixed my problem.

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