Email signature problem

By michaelni086 ·
Hi All

Wondering if somebody could help me with a problem im having?

Got a user who is working with Outlook 2003 on a Windows xp machine, he has setup a signature so at the end of every email he produces he has his name, job, address, email and phone number, now whenever he does a new email everything is find and as it should be, but when he replys to some emails he has a line space between each bit of info eg



Phone Number


Now i have tried to edit his signature in outlook settings but when you do its just as it should be

Anyone got any ideas about this !!!!!



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Outlook 2003?

by DoubleShocker In reply to Email signature problem

If you're using Outlook 2003, try this...

Make Hidden Files and Folders visable from Tools...Folder Options...View... (do this from your "My Computer" window.

1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME.(DOMAIN)]\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

2. Move the contents to a new folder on the desktop.

3. Copy just one of the htm files into the Signatures folder.

4. From Outlook, click on Tools... Options... Mail Format... Select the drop down arrows at the bottom of the screen and select the file name.

Click OK.

Try a new message, and a reply.

Did that help?

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format of mail being replied to

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Email signature problem

You said "but when he replys to SOME emails he has a line space between each bit of the info". So, it doesn't happen on ALL emails that he replies to? Then, that's got something to do with the format of the email he is replying to. Try changing the format of the email he is replying to to either Rich Text or Plain Text. I'll bet it's only happening on HTML formatted emails. In those, a carriage return gets double spaced. It's either that, or his signature is formatted in HTML instead of Rich Text or Plain Text. You might reformat the siggy itself to plain text and see if that helps.

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