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By tintoman ·
Ok my turn to ask something
My client uses Outlook 2000 and wants to send an email to about 80 recipients, BUT he wants the email to look like it was only sent to one person when it arrives.
Does anyone know how to send email to many recipients without a list of all the recipients appearing?

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Distribution list

by Mayhem1969 In reply to email to many

He could set up a distribution list and give it a name of the "one person" he wants the email to come from. Press the "to" button and select the distribution list. Or, he could send the email to the one person and then set up the distribution list as mentioned before of the remaining members and add it to the bcc field.

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Enable BCC

by w2ktechman In reply to email to many

and send using BCC (blind carbon copy). This will send the email and it will only show up as TO: recipient, and will not show up with aanyone else's names appearing.

If you want to add 1 name, fill in one name in the TO: field.

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Which person?

by Absolutely In reply to email to many

Just kidding.

If Outlook 2000 has a 'Bcc:' field, that will send copies blindly, meaning that all recipients in the 'Bcc:' field will not be visible to other recipients. You might need to right-click on the 'Cc:' field or something, but I'm almost certain no e-mail client lacks the 'Bcc:' feature.

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Are you wanting to send out email to

by Dumphrey In reply to email to many

all 80 people, so it appears to go straight to them, personalized, while sending out copies to other people that the recipient does not know about?
If so BCC and disrtibution groups will help. But getting a more "robust" email program may be in order.

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Thank you

by tintoman In reply to email to many

It never does any harm to say thank you
So thank you all
Thumbs up to each of you

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